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Mission Accelerate, the consulting arm of Mission Increase, offers a Strategic Execution Planning process designed to empower your ministry with clear direction and robust strategies. This comprehensive approach ensures alignment with your core mission and maximizes your transformative impact.

Key Benefits:

  • Tailored Approach: Receive a customized plan that addresses your ministry’s unique needs and goals.
  • Clear Direction: Gain clarity on your mission and strategic priorities to drive focused efforts.
  • Robust Strategies: Develop actionable strategies to enhance your ministry’s effectiveness and impact.

Service Components:

  • Current Organization Structure and Mission: Conduct a comprehensive review of your ministry’s structure and mission, focusing on key functional areas.
  • Values & Differentiation: Identify unique core values and key differentiators, including performing a SWOT analysis to strategically position your ministry.
  • Vision for the Future: Develop a future vision, defining the desired state of your ministry and establishing long-range goals to achieve it.
  • Detailed Action Plan: Create detailed action plans for each key functional area, including priorities and key initiatives.
  • Implementation: Establish a dashboard to monitor and track all action items and develop a management system to ensure success.

Discover how Strategic Execution Planning can provide your ministry with the direction and strategies needed for transformative impact. Schedule a call today to learn more and start planning for a successful future.

Mission Accelerate Cohorts

Learning in Community

Ministry leaders love Mission Accelerate’s cohorts. These topical educational groups give leaders a chance to level up in a specific area, whether it be marketing, leadership, fundraising, or other topics in a live setting with subject matter experts guiding the group.

Mission Accelerate consulting Services

Level up quickly in key areas

Mission Accelerate offers a variety of organizational and marketing consulting services tailored for nonprofits. Our customized strategies deliver impactful results for organizations of any size or budget.

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