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Transforming Fundraising, Sustaining Impact

Discover the transformative power of MI Customized Services, a unique consulting offering from Mission Accelerate that goes beyond addressing immediate needs to uncover and resolve the deeper issues hindering your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. We believe in the synergy of strategic philosophy and practical skills to create long-term solutions that ensure your organization’s sustained impact. Our comprehensive approach begins with a thorough evaluation of key development areas, followed by the application of Mission Increase’s Transformational Giving Principles to guide your fundraising efforts. We then craft a customized fundraising plan tailored to your specific needs and goals, providing expert guidance through weekly one-hour meetings to empower you with precision in execution.

The results? Strategic clarity, as you develop a comprehensive, long-term strategy aligned with your mission and values; skill development, equipping you with proven approaches and biblically-based philosophies for sustainable donor relationships; and a profound culture change, transforming hearts, minds, and practices to foster a resilient and impactful fundraising approach that permeates your entire organization. Embrace the journey with MI Customized Services and watch your nonprofit flourish, impacting more lives for Christ.

Mission Accelerate Cohorts

Learning in Community

Ministry leaders love Mission Accelerate’s cohorts. These topical educational groups give leaders a chance to level up in a specific area, whether it be marketing, leadership, fundraising, or other topics in a live setting with subject matter experts guiding the group.

Mission Accelerate consulting Services

Level up quickly in key areas

Mission Accelerate offers a variety of organizational and marketing consulting services tailored for nonprofits. Our customized strategies deliver impactful results for organizations of any size or budget.

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