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Transform Your Fundraising

Elevate your nonprofit’s fundraising journey with the MI-10 Accelerated ROI Program, a strategic 10-month consulting initiative designed to maximize your impact through enhanced fundraising. This personalized program offers:

  • One-on-One Consulting: Receive 20 hours of dedicated consulting over 10 months, with bi-weekly sessions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Proven Fundraising Strategies: Learn and apply Mission Increase’s effective methodologies to engage champions and increase Kingdom impact.
  • Actionable Plans: Each session concludes with clear, actionable steps to ensure continuous progress and alignment with your fundraising goals.
  • Accelerated Learning: Compress years of fundraising education into a 10-month intensive journey, rapidly advancing your capabilities.

Curriculum Highlights:

  • Philosophy of Fundraising: Understand foundational, biblical principles that guide effective fundraising.
  • P-E-O Model: Engage champions through giving, praying, serving, learning, and sharing.
  • Major Gifts Plan: Develop and track major gift relationships with a customizable template.
  • Identifying and Building Major Gift Relationships: Articulate your mission and vision compellingly to transform how you ask for support.
  • Annual Fundraising Plan: Integrate budget and fundraising goals with a step-by-step tool for growth.
  • Large Scale Fundraising Events: Leverage champions to attract new supporters through fully-sponsored events.
  • Micro-Events and Signature Projects: Use smaller events to introduce new champions to your cause through personal stories.
  • Annual Communications Calendar: Create a customized calendar to connect key messages and measure communication effectiveness.
  • Monthly Giving: Develop a thoughtful monthly giving program to nurture ongoing relationships.
  • Year-End Campaigns: Set realistic goals and create impactful year-end giving strategies with powerful stories.

Discover how the MI-10 Accelerated ROI Program can transform your nonprofit’s fundraising capabilities. Schedule a call today to learn more and start your journey towards greater impact

Mission Accelerate Cohorts

Learning in Community

Ministry leaders love Mission Accelerate’s cohorts. These topical educational groups give leaders a chance to level up in a specific area, whether it be marketing, leadership, fundraising, or other topics in a live setting with subject matter experts guiding the group.

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Level up quickly in key areas

Mission Accelerate offers a variety of organizational and marketing consulting services tailored for nonprofits. Our customized strategies deliver impactful results for organizations of any size or budget.

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