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Kingdom Impact : Accelerated

Mission Accelerate, the consulting arm of Mission Increase, builds upon over 25 years of nonprofit experience and empowers ministries to accelerate their Kingdom Impact. 

Through paid consulting projects and cohorts, Mission Accelerate delivers crucial expertise in Organizational Consulting and Marketing Services.

Our Consulting Services

Strategic Execution Planning
Business Plan Development
Accelerated Fundraising Training
Executive Leadership Development
Human Resources and Talent Management

Team Dynamics & Retreats
Problem Solving & Decision Making
Succession Planning
Organizational and Board Development
Fundraising & Development

Our Marketing Services

Strategic Marketing Planning
Digital Marketing Campaigns
Website Development
Email Newsletters
Social Media Management

Video Strategy & Production
SEO & Analytics
Design Services
Advertising & Google Ad Grants
Content Development & Copy Writing

Why Choose Us?

25+ Years of Experience with nonprofit ministries through Mission Increase. We have honed our expertise and deepened our understanding of the intricacies and challenges inherent in serving this vital sector.

Proven Methodologies Tailored to You
Our consulting services are grounded in proven methodologies, meticulously tailored to your organization’s assessed needs, guaranteeing tangible and sustainable results.

Expert Guidance
Benefit from our seasoned consultants who provide personalized guidance every step of the way, resulting in dramatic satisfaction with transformative outcomes.

Ways to Begin Accelerating Your Kingdom Impact

Take the
Free Needs Assessment

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Customized Proposal

We will develop a customized proposal perfectly suited to your needs

Attend a

Select from a wide range of monthly cohorts to educate and accelerate your impact

Donor Scholarship Opportunities

Contact us to learn more about how Donors can provide Scholarships for nonprofits they want to see accelerate their Kingdom impact.

New To Mission Increase?

If you are new to Mission Increase and would like to learn more about the biblically infused, transformational giving principles available to nonprofits at no charge, click the link below.

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