Consulting Made Accessible.

Helping ministries grow and increase their Financial, Cultural, and Eternal impact of their work. 

Mission Accelerate, the fee-based Consulting arm of Mission Increase, was formed in 2020 and exists to help our ministry partners grow and increase the financial, cultural, and eternal impact of their work. We do this by applying skills in the focus categories of leader/team development, problem solving/decision making, strategic planning and scalability, and financial sustainability. Our aim is to deliver our consulting services in the same “too good to be true” manner as our Mission Increase core curriculum content. While the engagement is not free, the consulting services provided at below market rates with no compromise to the excellence or quality of the services. We also rely on the same Transformational Giving principles deployed in Mission Increase’s core curriculum so ministries will not have to translate outside consultant language, techniques, or tools to comport with the guiding principles of their fundraising strategy. 

We’re building on over 20 years of helping ministries grow through teaching & coaching and now we’re inviting you to take advantage of our consulting services at Mission Accelerate.

To get started, we invite you take our free Needs Assessment. Upon completing the free Needs Assessment, we will connect with you to tailor a personalized approach forward. 

We are looking forward to serving alongside you! 


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